Blended and Virtual Learning,

eLearning and Microlearning

How might we rethink your approach to training delivery for your company?

Prior to the global pandemic, companies were moving increasingly to more Virtual Training and eLearning. The current health crisis has accelerated the immediate need for remote learning and development. Let us help you convert your Classroom Training to Live Virtual Learning, eLearning, Microlearning, Mobile Learning or a combination of the aforementioned to achieve a truly Blended Training solution.

Virtual (Live and Recorded)

Level 1 - Reaction - What are participant's reactions to the program and what do they plan to do with the material post-training?


Level 2 - LearningWhat skills, knowledge, or abilities have changed and by how much?


Level 3 - Behavior - Was there a behavior change and did the participants apply what they learned on the job?


Level 4 - Business Impact - Did the on-the-job application produce measurable results or impact your business outcomes?


Level 5 - Return on Investment - Did the value of the monetary results and/or realized intangibles exceed the investment for the program(s)?