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M&A Integration, Systems,

Process and Product Training

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How might we partner with you on

your integration training affecting

your people, processes and technologies/systems?

Let us help you with your M&A Integration projects. Our attention to detail and understanding of how each system, process and/or product is interconnected will give you the ability to foresee and plan for the changes and subsequent training required. We have many success stories we can share with you on how we have assisted other companies like yours.

Integration Planning

Integration Planning - Including CUSTOM systems and process mapping, systems interconnectivity (e.g., presales to post sales systems handoffs by role or function), product content integration, documentation and training design and implementation (e.g., Virtual Training, eLearning, Microlearning and Workshops.

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Systems Training (Virtual, eLearning, Microlearning and Workshops)

Systems Training - Including CUSTOM training documentation,  demos, job aids, screenshots, QRGs, step-by-step guides, etc. tied to processes for Sales, Back Office, Customer Service, Operations, Human Resources, etc. across these functional systems and industry-specific platforms.

Process Training (Virtual, eLearning, Microlearning and Workshops)

Process Training - Including CUSTOM process mapping, training documentation, job aids, QRGs, etc. tied to Systems for Sales, Back Office, Customer Service, Operations, Human Resources, etc.


Product Training (Virtual, eLearning, Microlearning and Workshops)

Product Training - Including CUSTOM industry, 

technology and product-specific training with features, benefits, competitive differentiators, pricing, case studies,  job aids, QRGs, battle cards, etc.

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