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Training Measurement and



How might we increase the

impact of your learning programs?

Our experts can help you measure the effectiveness of your learning programs so you can maximize your expected impact and/or return on investment (ROI). We can incorporate up to 5 levels of evaluation for our custom-designed training. This methodology ensures your training strategies and/or programs are focused on desired outcomes.

Level 1 - Reaction

Level 1 - Reaction - What are participant's reactions to the program and what do they plan to do with the material post-training?

level 1.jpg

Level 2 - Learning

Level 2 - Learning - What skills, knowledge, or abilities have changed and by how much?

Level 3 - Behavior

Level 3 - Behavior - Was there a behavior change and did the participants apply what they learned on the job?

level 3.jpg
level 4.jpg

Level 4 - Business Impact

Level 4 - Business Impact - Did the on-the-job application produce measurable results or impact your business outcomes?

Level 5 -

Return on Investment

Level 5 - Return on Investment - Did the value of the monetary results and/or realized intangibles exceed the investment for the program(s)?

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