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Sales Transformation,

Training & Enablement 

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How might we

transform your salesforce?

How might we take your sales training and enablement projects

to the next level?

With changes in executive leadership, M&A activity, high growth and/or a need to turnaround Sales, our firm has all of the capabilities to help you transform, train and enable your sales leaders and salesforce to improve productivity, increase sales and decrease turnover.

All Sales Channels

For All Sales Channels - B2B, Enterprise, Mid-Market, Government/Public Sector, SLED (State/Local/Education), Telesales/Inside Sales, Retail/Consumer, Indirect/Partner, Wholesale/Carrier, Sales Engineers and Sales Leadership


Sales Methodology Design and Sales Process Mapping

Sales Methodology Design and Sales Process Mapping - CUSTOM, consistent Sales Skills Process and Sales Methodology tied to your Industry/Products/Services, CRM and Stages, Pre and Post-Sales Systems (end-to-end including Quote to Cash), Processes, Paperwork, etc.

Sales New Hire Orientation/Onboarding Programs

Sales New Hire Orientation/Onboarding Programs - For the first 90 days to 1 year (or more) using various training delivery methodologies (i.e., Classroom, Virtual Webinars, eLearning, Video and Microlearning).


Sales New Hire Programs

Sales New Hire Programs - Customized by Channel including Company, Technical and Product Knowledge, Selling Skills and Sales Process/Methodology, Sales Systems, Sales Enablement Tools and Leadership/Coaching Training.

Sales Certification Programs

Sales Certification Programs - Sales Learning Roadmaps and Career Ladders by Role, Channel, Tenure, Geography, Product, etc. to decrease turnover, improve productivity and/or increase sales.


Global Sales Kickoffs (SKOs) and Advanced Training

Global Sales Kickoffs (SKOs) - Including Sales Event Planning/Management, Sales Boot Camps, Advanced Training like Presentation Skills, Negotiations, etc.

Sales Management, Leadership and Coaching Training

Sales Management, Leadership and Coaching Training - Including Sales Reinforcement and Enablement Tools for both New Sales Leaders and Tenured Executives.


Corporate Messaging, Pitch and Value Proposition Training

Corporate Messaging, Pitch and Value Proposition Training - Including Marketing Demand Generation Processes and Software Training.

All Training Delivery and Implementation Methods

All Training Delivery and Implementation Methods – Classroom, Live and Recorded Webinars, eLearning Courses, Microlearning, Video, Gamification, Job Aids, Checklists, Sales Enablement Tools, Certifications, etc.


Sales Organization and Workforce Design

Sales Organization and Workforce Design - 

Sales Competencies, Sales Compensation, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management 

Standardization and Measurement.

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